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Projected for the year 2008 are the following activities of direct assistance to Supermama's.

1) The construction of a building to provide all Supermama’s with a place where they can meet for assistance. The home could eventually become a residence with lodging, food, medical and psychological support.

2) Provide a range of activities with the goal being to facilitate rehabilitation, and to develop self-esteem by promoting reintegration into family, society and the work force.
3) Training of economic self-sufficiency, with workshops, courses and various occupations and the development of crafts to contribute income to the homes of these women.

4) To promote and strengthen the permanence of all Supermama's and their children to continue in a program of studies as it is the right of all children to have an education.

5) Provide Scholarships for mothers and children

6) Financial assistance with the use of a bank card, after socio-economic study.

7) Delivery of food, clothing, household item, furniture, and everyday items for babies. (Milk, yoghurt, diapers etc..).

8) Service of regular paperwork for all matters relating to the registering of babies, school enrolments, and all paperwork generally requested by the various government agencies.

9) Support for Children in the form of day care facilities among single mothers and other persons in the community.

10) Program to Combat Child Exploitation, Child Labor, Sex and Marginalization.

Being a Single Mother
by Josefina Castillo
Throughout history there have been cases of women who have become pregnant for one reason or another and have had to raise and educate their children alone.
Perhaps we have never questioned, if we have not had to live it, what these women have been able to overcome to educate their children without any help.
Think for a moment on the situation and its hardship that after nine months of the unexpected news you are faced with the challenge of performing the task of parenting without any aid.
The act of bringing a child into the world carries many emotions and there is also the acceptance or denial involved if the baby was desired and sought or unexpected and unwanted.
There are also the different response of the families when faced with the pregnancy of a teenage daughter respond. Some accept the pregnancy as something they can’t change and the baby will be well received. In other families, there is uproar and they leave their pregnant daughters to their fate.

Thus, depending on how protected or unprotected the adolescent feels to this situation, she will develop one or another emotion and will be able to move ahead in one way or another with her motherhood.
Firstly, let us address their situation and its possible effects. If they are studying, for example, depending on their circumstances they may finish the course or must leave school to dedicate themselves to their children. If she is working, depending on her contract, she may apply for maternity leave or not. And in the case of being alone with the unexpected situation she should deal with the idea of looking for a job. If the mother is alone and unaided to care for her son, all of this will make her suffer various health based disorders.
We must also take into account whether the teenager has a stable partner who will support and help on the road to parenthood, or if on the other hand, she has no partner or he leaves at the time.
All these facts develop in the young various emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear of the unknown, fear of doing well, happiness for doing well, the realization of loss of youth (you will move from being girls to becoming mothers). And of course, the doubt about whether their child should or should not live.
In the case in which the young mother has a socio-familiar circle that does not offer support, this exacerbates and accentuates her situation and she will not have a happy time in her live.
It is understood, from my point of view, that after the unexpected and traumatic time for a young girl, who is a minor, when she finds out she has become pregnant, she will think she will not be helped by her family who one way or another should be there for the difficult times. It must, and will, be a shock for her.
Justly under such circumstances, when we also think that a young girl has given up her teenage years to have a baby, what she needs the most is help, information and support, especially from her relatives. Everything that happens then will help her to develop as a person and, of course, as an expectant mother.
In the case of a woman who decides on her own to become a single mother things vary greatly.
Her biggest problem is the stress associated with having a steady job and mixing it with the education and upbringing of the baby without any type of deficiencies and, of course, the fact of dealing with her child by herself or with the help of her family, but without a father.
The joy that is appreciated when the decision to have a child has been taken makes up for the nervousness and insecurity that can occur when you think about having to work and being a mother at the same time.
The loss of independence which had previously been possessed suffers and the whole leisure time earlier experienced is now absorbed with the new family member.
We have to realize that this young girl’s education will be of a single parent but without any gaps so she must give more than 100% in the new role of motherhood.
If the new mother (due to novel circumstances in her role and lack of support and / or partner), is exposed to a situation where a state of suffering from depression occurs, from the very beginning we must help her seek a specialist since, in her state she will not be able to care for the baby and may even get ill due to her depression. As well as that this time the child grows sensations and may allow her personality to lead to depression.
One thought is that there are institutions that provide assistance to those single mothers to work and support their children, but we must bear in mind that during the first stage of the child's life what is very important is both breastfeeding and the mother-child connection. Along with this it must be noted that the mother (who is alone at home to look after the child) tries to spend as much time as possible with the baby and interact with him so as not to lose that link.
As for the fact that a young unmarried mother also takes on a new role, it is possible to feel some anxiety for her inexperience and lack of maturity but first and foremost there should not be a state of nervousness because she will learn every day from her child and we must think that the action of a mother is innate in us, and in principle we do not have to think that we will do the baby wrong or that we will not know what to do because it is a natural thing that goes with us from the day we are born and for better or worse we will never do it wrong, as it is something instinctive.